Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Just Imagine

I am dedicating this to all of our friends who CLAIM they are saddened and wish they could be here with me and Omar. Now you can be- Kind Of.

THE WEATHER: While in Iowa, you would be standing with me and Omar, outside at the end of an event, in the below conditions:

9:52 PM Temp 1.0 F (-17.2 C) Windchill-20 F (-29 C)

YES THAT SAYS, ONE Degree. FYI, it only gets colder as it gets later. Omar is handling the weather like a champ, we all know he's pretty tough. And this Vegas Native is handling it fine too, and absolutely loving every minute of it.

THE DRIVING: While in Iowa, with me and Omar, you would see and experience the following between Des Moines and Cedar Rapids.
1. I-80 for 101.2 miles, over and over.
2. Snow blowing across the road.
3. Snow covered spun around cars in the center median. (see picture to the right)
4. An “Adult Store” in the middle of farmland (just like home, kind of).
5. The best “Short Stop” that has a cashier named Pat, trucker hats, big coffee, and NV shaped magnets
6. Courteous Iowa drivers (they always switch lanes to allow you to pass).

THE EATING: While in Iowa, with me and Omar, you would have eaten at Perkins. These facts will help you imagine your in the booth next to us.

1. Only place findable and open after 2AM.
2. 20 locals in Iowa and Zero in Nevada.
3. You will find JRB, HRC, and BHO staffers sitting crowd-edly amongst each other.
4. No alcohol served.
5. You can not eat at a Perkins in Marion, however on New Years Eve, you can eat at Perkins with a Marion.
6. Everyone in Iowa seems to have eaten there. (now I have too)

THE PRECINCT CAPTAIN MEETINGS: While in Iowa, with me and Omar, you would spend a lot of time with volunteers, and today you would have heard the greatest quote from a Linn County Precinct Captain when explaining why he supports Joe Biden.

“If I was in a street fight, I would pick Joe Biden to back me up”…

Well, I feel the same way about Valerie Biden. In fact I would pick Valerie Biden to back me up and then pick her to go shopping for some Kick A- shoes.… VALERIE BIDEN FOR FIRST SISTER.

THE CAMPAIGN BATTLES: While in Iowa, with Omar and I, you would have experienced today's funniest and lamest attempt to get one campaign's supporters to switch. Below describes the ridiculous scenario.

As a private Conference call with Iowa Biden Precinct Captains and Senator Biden began to wrap up, a young woman's voice came across the phone, she began asking the Captains to please send supporters to caucus for Obama. To make it worse, she announced that she was calling from California, not even in Iowa..

Breaking it down, you would have heard One campaign calling in on another campaign's private conference call, announcing their presence, and admitting to Iowans that they were calling from CA.

Well there you are... would-a, could-a, should-a. Its not too late, get your butts here and experience Iowa with me and Omar. I am going to eat................

Happy New Year

Did Christmas really go by?

Well, I have to give all you pros PROPS. Its not easy to write, when you have too much to write. I will only put down what I must, in order to sleep:

I think the Des Moines Register poll is bogus!!!!

1. Because I Say So:
We are here on the street, watching the crowds, listening to the people, making phone call after phone call.. this poll dos not reflect any of the ground response!!


2. Because the JE Camp says so???
Edwards Campaign Reaction to Des Moines Registere Poll
Politics Up to the Minute by Mark Halperin Tuesday, January 01, 2008
Edwards Campaign Reaction to Des Moines Register Poll::

"Is the poll accurate? There are good reasons to think it is NOT.
-The poll is at odds with history. The poll says that 60% of Democratic caucus participants will be first timers. Usually, the number of first-time caucus goers is no more than 20%.
-The poll also says that 45% of those at Democratic caucuses will be Independents or Republicans.
-The poll is at odds with other polls. Other polls show a close race with other candidates leading.
-Yepsen himself highlights the fluidity of the results rather than the horserace."


Well, good night....I will write more late Tuesday night...

Monday, December 31, 2007


Sorry I put yesterdays post up so late... I got busy this morning and never hit "post".. Duh.

so today I thought I should give you a little phone bank update-- Biden peeps: it is looking good, good, good . Other candidates: I am sure of this, the polls are WRONG!

Day 2 Whizzed By

While traveling through the Hawkeye state (not referring to the eye of a Hawk by the way), its better to ride passenger (don't worry Mel, Omar wasn't driving). While enjoying this ride from Cedar Rapids to Vinton, I was finally able to view and experience some of the amazing elements in Iowa; crisp fresh air, snow banks, frozen rivers, icicle covered trees, story book farm houses, and most of all.. seat warmers, oh yes my favorite discovery here In Iowa, seat warmers.

These political Iowans are sure smart, and this is no kiss up. Here's my reasoning- Nevada has 17 Counties..... Iowa has 99 ....... and these local field people know them all! On that same note, I still haven't met an Iowan wearing overalls with hay in their jaw. I will continue to look though, and if unsuccessful I've been told by numerous caucus staffers, the National news will surely find them on Caucus night to interview (this my friends is a very, very sensitive issue to Iowans).

Just what the Dr. ordered! Valerie Biden-Owens at Cafe 218 (that's an interesting mix)- although the chicken soup at the cafe is probably the best in the world, Valerie is what we needed. This job is tough and a little VBO can fix you right up. The below conversation is a perfect example:

Voter: "I love Joe Biden, he is the most experienced candidate and would make a great president" -"but I don't think he can win". Relate Biden supporters? Well here's the response our Valerie gives. "Do you have any back bone? Well then Caucus for him!" How great is that? Every vote and delegate in Iowa can make a difference! Nevadans, repeat after me; VALERIE BIDEN OWENS FOR FIRST SISTER!!!! If your wondering, the voter responded with an"OK".

Travis Brock .. Norm Stezenbach (Senior) says "HI".... and boy did he tell me some stuff about you....

These Iowans can be very tricky, tricky, tricky. Tonight we attended a "delegate negotiation tactical meeting" this is big time Iowa strategy secrets- and now that I have heard it 3 times, I am getting it down. Omar, I hope you were listening!

OK... Have to go, I think I have about 2 hours before report time... I am on all day phone bank duty tomorrow. I'll give you all a report mid day...

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Day one Down!

Well, we have attended Caucus training with the Linn County Democratic Party! You all would never believe this- they talked about pizza, our Jason Sime is right on message with his Iowa Peeps. FYI Nevadans we got a good one, because Jason's presentation rocks- I can now tell you first hand, he is one of the best! As for caucus training conversation, a heavily debated topic around here is "same day caucus registrations", the fact voters need show no proof of residence is driving these Iowans crazy. Apparently in the past, locals felt this was controlable, however this caucus there is a big concern that "The first in the Nation" could be compromised with intruders, although they "hope" it won't....

Now for some good news that comes with progress. During the 2004 Iowa caucus, many a campaigners had to suffer with out Starbucks. However no longer, this caucus (thank goodness) even Cedar Rapids has Starbucks..... So all campaigners can be satisfied with daily doses of caffeine, and Omar will survive me.

Thursday Night Pizza pals, phone banking in Iowa is one different experience, voters have either "had it" and hang up (not so new), or "you better know your stuff" (very new). And god for bid if voters on the line find out your from out of state, you will get a long lesson on the real rules of the Caucus!

Yes we go lost today, yes I was driving, and U turns are not an option, there are giant snow banks on both sides of very skinny roads. To add to this long un-needed tour of Linn County, a friendly direction giver, gave me some eerie some what coincidental advice "be careful when in that intersection over that bridge, it has the highest crash rate in the state" when I arrived at the corner I had to take a picture, the street signs read "Collins" and "Council" . Although it is kind of weird, I am un-sure of what it might mean?

OK, how’s this- there is the State of Iowa, the County of Iowa, and the City of Iowa, in which the City of Iowa is not "in" the County of Iowa???

One thing I am sure I love about Iowa is "The Irish Democrat", the Cedar bar where people (including staffers from all campaigns) just hang out, talk politics, gossip, and share personal knowledge. Tonight, people shared a lot and some of it, I will share with all of you.

Some "knowledge" from a local Iowan who has participated in a gazillion caucuses:
"You can never believe an Iowa Caucus Poll because pollsters save a few bucks by using data that is not verifiable. The so called "likely caucus attendees" used for data, are not verifiable and are made up of people who "claim" to have attended a caucus." Is this local right with her facts? I hope so, I can tell you that after hearing it for at least 60 minutes tonight- I was a believer!
Iowan Lingo I learned:
"Clinton walkers are referred to as "Mormons"; they are every where and always come in pairs."

Ok, its late... talk to you tomorrow... I will send this address out, so that somebody may actually read this.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Our first night.

Here is what I can tell everyone from tonight- we just arrived: I can pack really fast, my snow boarding clothes now have another use, when you are with Omar you will be "randomly" selected by airport security, heavy suitcases must be carried as there wheels won't roll through snow, the drive from Des Moines to Cedar rapids at night is really scary, My (Ronni's) bad driving on icy roads is superb compared to Omar's, Iowa has 1,784 really spread out precincts, field workers here don't wear high heeled boots or flip flops, Cedar has a cool bar called The Irish Democrat and Iowans can't party like Nevadans. Now on its own, I must give Danny O'Brien our National Political Director a shout out; for moving my sleeping arrangements - sleeping along side families of mice are not high on my to do list... So Thank YOU Danny!! Now, I need to get some sleep so that I can make the Iowa Caucus training in Marion early tomorrow...